Are you ready for a weekend which could change everything?

During our time together we will unlock your true artistic voice by peeling back the layers of limitation you've had imposed upon you.

By the end of the two days, you will have an unshakeable connection to your creative future AND the excitement and confidence to bring it to life.


The answer to a sizzling artist life is within you - you just need to unlock it

When we feel excited about our own work, there's no stopping us. But often we hit blocks. 

Sometimes we can recognise these for what they are - a little bit of procrastination, or uncertainty about selling our work. 

These hesitations and fears come from somewhere and we can't move past that into a smoother, easier way of working until we unpick them.


This is for you if you sometimes get frustrated with yourself (we'll look at that!). It's for you if you know you have habits which get in your way. It's for you if you're prepared to go all-in on your art and see the possibilities of where it can take you.

It's not for you if you are looking for a business blueprint workshop. This will take a personal approach and develop over the two days according to your needs. 

A special weekend where you have time to dig deep and create new possibilities. 

This is an opportunity to get out of your head and in to your heart. Actually it’s going to help you totally re-programme your head.

We'll use EFT and practical group sessions so that you'll leave with a strengthened personal direction, your bespoke artist manifesto and the conviction and clarity to take the next steps in your art business.

Saturday 13th October & Sunday 14th October

We start at 11am on Saturday to allow you time to travel. After a packed day unpacking your current beliefs, setting your Authentic Ambitions and new manifesto we finish at 6pm so you can enjoy your evening. 

On Sunday we shall have an earlier start and will have time to look at your personal situation and opportunities for growth. We'll finish with a celebration by 4:30pm


We want you to feel at home, so this will take place at Alice’s home in West London. East to travel to, comfortable, private. The space is perfect for the break-out sessions and our meals together. (And you’ll get to see some of my art in person.)

Why should I come?

Because you know you are capable of more. Take a step outside your regular routine and focus on what you really want to create, and bust the self beliefs which stop you. This will be deep work. We'll be digging into your authentic ambitions. And cake.

Sounds amazing. I’m so tempted but should I do this?

you already know in your gut if this is right for you....

Wherever you are in your creative journey there are next step fears which can stop you. We created this for you because we don't want you to waste any more precious time worrying.

If you are ready to fully step into your potential as an artist, but would love some deep and personal guidance, this is for you. 


Meet the pair of us

If you want someone who doesn’t waste your time or beat around the bush, Georgina Noel is your secret weapon. Her life’s purpose is to help you get clear on yours so that you live your life fulfilled rather than frustrated. 

As a mindset and money coach she has 8 years experience of using the powers of EFT to really shift your blocks and release your deep natural abilities.

(I’ve worked with Georgina on a one-to-one basis and on a group retreat and every time this has unlocked new possibilities for me. What’s more it’s been fun! Like, really giggle fun. Possibly a few tears too, but what’s that between friends? And I’ve felt totally fired up for weeks afterwards. - Alice)

Alice Sheridan is doing this stuff! She trained as a graphic designer but after a long patch of depression decided life was too short to design marketing reports. What she really wanted was to make art.

She started showing work slowly, alongside raising two small children. In 2014 she decided she was "all-in" and since then her work has found a wider audience, new opportunities appear regularly and sales have increased exponentially.

She still messes things up, but she trusts her intuition more (which is really building on your previous experiences) so that any situation can create opportunities to build on.

two days, two guides

Tune into your creative soul so that you can build the creative life you desire


Just three ... 2 places now remain


All the details

EFT (or ‘tapping’) is used to diffuse and eradicate limiting beliefs and self-sabotage patterns to release you and enable you to live the life you most desire. It is a system of tapping on meridian points whilst tuning in to or talking about the memory, the body releases electrochemical messengers that help unblock the stuck energy – pretty cool right! You will only truly know if tapping is for you after you experience it…  It truly can change your life.

No. This will be a small group. The content and flow of the weekend will develop around you, and what arises. You will leave with practical steps as well as your new-found courage.

No. We all start somewhere. It can take a long time to overcome the natural doubts we have about our own skills or whether you can do this. I know you will move through these stages quicker with the right support and we have put this together to help you get there faster.

Fantastic! Then you already know that this journey takes personal resolve. At each level we reach there is a new stage which opens up for us. Often the risks are greater. This will help you extend your current practice and face those bigger risks and rewards.

Many of the topics will affect all of us and group work is powerful, but there will also be the opportunity for you to have private sessions with both Georgina and Alice over the two days. The first people to join will also have individual follow-up calls with both of us. (Just 2 remaining places for this FAST ACTION BONUS)

No, we have planned the day so that you can arrive by 11am on Saturday to allow to travel that morning and have a longer afternoon. On Sunday we will start earlier and finish by 4:30pm so you can get home again. Assuming you are not a million miles away. The whole of London is your oyster for Saturday night. 

Yes, unlimited tea, coffee, and home-cooked lunches and treats are included on both days. If you have dietary requirements please let us know. No alcohol with lunch. (Probably!)

We want you to feel at home, so this will take place at Alice’s home in West London. The nearest tube (5 mins) is Turnham Green, just West of Hammersmith on the green District Line. Full directions will be given after your booking is received. The space is perfect for the private break-out sessions and our meals together. (And you’ll get to see some of my art in person.)

This isn’t a creative art-making workshop, so no need to bring art materials. Everything you will need on the day is included, so you just need to turn up! If you have a favourite notebook, please bring that with you.

Not for this one. We both know there is real power in being together in person which is why we want to create this weekend experience.

Who knows! At the moment this is a one-off special.

Please check the dates carefully to ensure you can attend.
Once you have paid there are no refunds.

I could write a long review about the ins and outs and all the gory details but I think these few words that slipped out of my mouth half way through the session sum it all up rather nicely:THIS IS THE SH*T! Don’t wait another minute! This weird tapping stuff actually works and gets right to the core very quickly! And Georgina is wonder-woman. Her sensitivity, sense of humour and instinctual awareness provides an incredible space for you to explore what is really going on within you. This is such an investment and very inspiring. Get in there fast! Georgina – thank you so very much.



“I can’t tell you how much your advice and support have helped move me forward. Since last weekend I’ve had four people contact me, two have bought work and I have two to follow up.” Anna

“This was a motivation and inspiration game changer for me!”

“That was wonderful, so personal and affected me really deeply. I‘ve saved it and next time this happens and I need inspiration I will play it again: my new mantra for art and life. Thank you”

Sound good to you?

If you've read this far you are obviously interested! Take the next step you know you are ready for....


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