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The Connected Artist Club includes

Your Membership site

A bespoke membership Hub packed with lessons to help you build the right foundations and to keep track of your progress. 

Essential Practical Content

To help you grow your business and your audience. Get organised and keep developing your creative approach to your work.

Weekly Live Calls

4 live calls each month, from Q&A sessions with me or Work Review or special Focus sessions. Catch up when you like and get immediate access to the full Studio Chat library.

Artist Community

The best Facebook group! With accountability posts and tagged topics this is the place to come when you have a question and is a treasure trove of shared ideas. In person meet-ups have been replaced by weekly co-create sessions! 

Resources & Systems

Download practical tools like pricing charts, profit calculators, commission outlines and social trackers to get you organised and feel more in control.

Member Spotlights

In-depth interviews with members who share their individual stories - learn from their experience and insight about working with galleries and developing working methods.

As a newer artist let Gill tell her story of why she joined - and what's happened since


Your membership gives you

Weekly Live calls with me

Artist Manifesto and Creative Review guides

The 'Artist Path' guide so you know what to do next for best results (and what you can ignore!)

A great private FB group... funny, informative - your studio buddies!

Immediate access to the Studio Chat library

Ready-to-go checklists and lessons you can start using today

Lessons to get your website and mailing list working better to bring you customers

SEO Masterclass

Pinterest mini-course to boost your website traffic

"Time to Shine" challenge to help you show up online and grow your audience

Photography and video guides to show off your work

Journal prompts and Book Club

Member discount for individual sessions

New content each month!

"The Hub is really informative, lots of brilliant advice and a clear pathway. I originally planned to nip in, take what I needed and leave, there’s so much in there and so much more to the membership that obviously I’ve stuck around! "


"I can see the value in what I am creating and offering to others, this has helped a lot with sales - I had my largest amount of sales last month! I've also up-levelled my admin and business side which is a weight off of my mind."

Emma Lock

"I've gained the confidence to take my art practice seriously and not treat it as a hobby. Feeling like my art is worthy has been a big step forward. I’m more professional in the way I present and talk about my artworks and across the business side of my art practice. CAC is there as a prompt and guide."

Bronwyn Barton

"Initially I used the Club to structure improvements to my online presence and business practices using the hub. But now I believe that the biggest progress for me is mindset. Seeing and “being with” others who are doing this has shifted some of my old attitudes and excuses. "

Jenny Fermor

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