"Connected" is for artists who want to develop their personal approach to making art and build an audience for their work, in a way which feels genuine and sustainable.


All the Spring 2019 places for the Connected Artist Club have been filled - that was crazy! Thank you SO much for your interest. I will keep the waitlist active and let you know if any spaces become available. Alice x

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What instead??

You're possibly already a member of my free Art Explorers group on Facebook. I also co-host the Art Juice podcast to keep you company, and of course you can keep up with my work and what's going on via my website.

There are three key pillars to growing your business as an artist.

1. STUDIO: making the work itself  - because everything is about the art - making it the best you can, and understanding how to track your process

2. SUPPORT: the structure you need to make sales - the scaffolding which needs to be in place. Everything from a reassuring and convincing website to cataloguing your work. 

3. SELF: Knowing yourself is essential, because you are at the core of this more than in any other business. Art is the greatest guide to your own development, and it's this essence others will respond to.

These key areas are all connected - sometimes you may be in a position to work on one area more than the other… but keeping them in balance is a key principle. How we cover this will change in reflection of our community but includes:

Flexible topic focus

I react to what's needed in the group to cover different topics from using social media to developing your studio process to having discussions with buyers and negotiating with galleries.

Your membership site

A bespoke Connected membership site so you can come and refer back to what you need, when you are ready for it and keep track of your progress. 

Weekly Studio Chats

Every week you can submit your question in advance for a personal response or join live. Catch up when you like and every call is listed in the Studio Chat library.


Download practical tools like pricing charts or social trackers to get you organised and in control.

Artist Spotlights

Longer interviews with members - learn from their experience as we discuss work and how they are ready to expand. 


A Facebook group for accountability posts, tagged topics, support and bonus ideas (we just did an optional paint swap!). 


My name is Alice Sheridan and I hope you know me a bit already. In which case you already know my style; informal and pretty straightforward. I've been showing and selling my art for almost a decade. Things have changed in that time. A lot!

But it was only when I really decided to commit to my art practice that things really shifted. I didn't want to wake up in 20 years time and wonder "what if?"

Setting up this club (in my mind it's the artist Power Party, because I do like a good party!) seemed the next logical step. Logic and fun combined.... come  in and join us. You can do this!

"I joined because I wanted to be amongst like minded artists. I needed some practical information about the business side of things, a periodic kick up the backside and to see evidence that ‘this’ really can work! Since being a member I feel more confident about my work and more steadfast about pursuing my goals; I've recently sold the largest painting I've ever made. I no longer feel isolated."

Kasia Clarke
founding member

"Off to a cracking start with all three paintings selected! Alice's Connected group has been been an important supportive space throughout this year and with her guidance and organisational know-how we are cracking this painters life!"

Janette Phillips
founding member

"OK. I fell like I'm on fiyyyaaah! These little sprinkles of good stuff are so uplifting - and yesterday's sale. I'm so happy and proud of myself that I had that hunger and drive, ... that I followed and got involved with what called to me. Thanks for being part of my tribe."

Pauline Jans

"Well that was an interesting day... 2 venues, 3 paintings sold!! That's 6 in six weeks and my new garden studio paid for. Thank you Alice for supporting us on this amazing journey. x"

Sarah de Mattos
founding member

"I'm a major procrastinator. I love the small size of the group and the weekly chats. It makes me do the stuff that I need to do for my art business."

Sonal Nathwani
founding member

NOTE: This is just me doing this.  So far, everyone loves the personal approach. If you're OK with that and prepared to be forgiving of the occasional hiccup as we create this space as I don't have a 'team', then go ahead and join above. I can't wait to welcome you to the club!


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